Improved Financial Visibility through Monthly Reporting

Bryan and Nate had built a mortgage company from the ground up. They had recruited a few talented loan officers, locked in several quality lead sources and were off to the races when they realized they were in over their heads keeping track of the monthly balance on agent’s draws against commissions. It was also increasingly difficult to track their share of commissions and company profits, which were not always cut down the middle.

The month to month accounting was becoming overwhelming, stressful and confusing. What they really wanted was some perspective into how their business was operating, a way to evaluate the performance of key loan agents, what each owner’s personal share of income was each month, and the ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

After a few conversations we created a working spreadsheet that tracks their key performance indicators on a monthly basis and provides insight into the profitability of the business and performance of employees. We now meet monthly to review financial statements, the active vs passive activities of the business, and the overall strategic direction and vision for the company. With the education they’ve received along the way they are confident as they review accurate records, reconciled accounts, up to date draw balances and can project income into the future. A real weight has been lifted and now they spend their mental focus and emotional energy on what matters most in both their business and personal lives.


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